BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS including Criminal History Search, Civil Record Checks, SOS Searches, Professional License Verification, Reference Checks, Social Security Verification, Bankruptcy, Judgments & Lien Searches, Asset Locates and Property Searches

SURVEILLANCE including Telescopic Lenses, DVD Video Transfers performed by Seasoned Surveillance Professionals.

INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS including Workers’ Compensation Investigations, General Liability Investigations, Disability Investigations, Activity Checks, Alive and Well Checks, First & Third Party Fraud, Witness Locates, Subpoena and Notary Service

MATRIMONIAL INVESTIGATIONS including Infidelity Matters, Office Relationships, Undercover Operations, Domestic Investigations, Spousal Surveillance Services, Family Law, Child Abduction Issues and Asset Locates

CRIMINAL DEFENSE INVESTIGATIONS including Witness Locates, Interviews and Statements, Alibi Reinforcement Interviews, Crime Scene Investigations, Correctional Institution Interviews

SCHOOL DISTRICT SERVICES including Address History Checks, Primary Residence Checks, Utilities Checks, Landline Reverse Searches, Student Residency Checks, Surveillance, Neighborhood Canvasses.